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Projects - SRA (Slum Rehabilitation Project)  

Just how long can we complain about our discontent life? How long can we discuss about change not happening?  The fact is, we can go on talking and planning for a lifetime. But, change can happen only when we decide to make it happen.

Our souls were shaken when we faced the harsh reality of Pune slums. Today, over 43% of Pune’s population resides in slums, to be more precise about 2,10,000 families reside in 564 slums spread in various pockets of the city.

We got the opportunity to bring change in the lives of 120 families residing in the slum of Sandeshnagar, Bibwewadi, Pune.

The task was not just to build a tenement for them, but to change their mindsets and prepare them to live a new lifestyle.

Our very first approach faced huge obstacles from the older generation residents who never thought of moving in a new home or living in mainstream society.

Thousands of doubts and questions were fired, during the first face to face meeting with the slum residents. But, we were determined to bring a happy change in their lives and it is this positive approach that won us their support and complete cooperation.